• WP1 – Management and Coordination of the Project (Months: 1-24)

The aim of this transversal work package is to ensure general coordination and planning of the project activities, including monitoring and evaluation. The coordinating body will write a “General Partnership Agreement” which will be introduced in the kick-off meeting and it includes a quality management handbook about the project.

In particular, the following will be outlined: a general workplan, the organization frame of each work package, (a leader for each WP and possibly, for each task of the same WP), instruments of inter-partner communication, each activity planning (including diffusion and dissemination of products and mid-term and final results), technical, scientific and financial monitoring. All partners will agree to the GPA; however, the coordinating body will be in charge of the realization of all project activities. WP1 will last 24 months. 

  • WP2 – Analysis of best practises and REVIVAl model design (Months: 1-11)

The aim of this work package is to define, conceptualize and systematize good practices of host and taking charge of victims and to analyze existing protocols in the different member states. A better understanding of the phenomenon, obtained by results processing of important research on the topic and the collection of accurate data at the regional level, is the first step to improve the implementation of effective practice and the definition of solutions and innovative intervention policies against to gender violence.

It will conduct a mapping of existing services operating in support of women victims of violence in the legal, social and health field, in the national context, and among the partner countries. Another aim is to analyze what are the difficulties and the local cultural and communication barriers obstructing reporting and complaints of women victims of violence, in order to detect problems and needs of services and interventions that ensure access to justice.

  • WP3 – Implementation of REVIVAL model (Months: 10-24)

Aim of this work package is the realization of the training and implementation of services provided in WP2, experimenting in the field of the assistance REVIVAL model.

  • WP4 – Analysis and assessment of results (Months: 10-24)

The aim of this work package is to ensure an effective REVIVAL assessment of outputs and its results in the different project phases: initial, ongoing and final assessment. During the first phase of the project will be monitored the start and implementation timing of activities through timetable shared by all partners. Then each activity will be analyzed and evaluated through quantitative and qualitative indicators. For training Operators’ assessment, it will quantify the skills acquired through a multiple-choice questionnaire structured to facilitate the correction and their attitude to the victims.

The results in relation to the final beneficiaries of the project, women who suffer violence or living in a condition of social vulnerability, are difficult to quantify, because they are related to the physical and psychological condition of women. For this evaluation, it will be used: qualitative tools, clinical interviews, clinical refunds, clinical reports, and quantitative standardized tests recognized at European level about the assessment of post-traumatic stress and checklists for assessing the risk of lethality.

  • WP5 – Diffusion and dissemination (Months: 1-24)

The general aim of this WP is to share the results, the activities and challenges of the project across the partnership and disseminate to a wide stakeholder base. In particular, it provides for:

  1. diffusion of the REVIVAL model;
  2. the transfer of REVIVAL training to other training organizations for practitioners in combating violence against women;
  3. the increase of information about active services and structures on territory;
  4. the sharing of good practices;
  5. to raise awareness of the results in the every Partner’s network with public and private bodies, involved in the activities to combat women violence and support victims.