REVIVAL – Meeting of Barcelona 18/19/20 June 2018


  • Spazio Donna Onlus, Italy
  • ASL, Italy
  • Animus, Bulgary
  • LIPA – Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain
  • Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebrón, Spain 


Meeting with local Stakeholders

During the second Revival Meeting we have the opportunity to share with two Stakeholders from Barcelona city. Both have relevant importance in the circuit for detection and intervention of women and children survivors of gender violence.

We exchange experiences and perspectives related to different contexts. One of the Stakeholders manages the Emergency Room in the rehabilitation and burnt patients at the Vall d´Hebron Hospital.

And the other Stakeholder was from the City Council of Barcelona, the Support Circuit for Women Survivors of violence (SARA). This Institution manages the gender violence circuit for the entire city and it works in coordination with other Public Services.

a) Service: Support Circuit for Women Survivors of violence. Servicio de Atención, Recuperación y Acogida (SARA) 

Stakeholder: Ayuntamiento de Barcelona (City Council of Barcelona). Spain.

Date of presentation: 18th June, 2018. 

Time: 9.45 to 11:00 am

Definition: The circuit for attention, recovery and accommodation for victims of gender violence in Barcelona is defined by the SARA Service.

It offers specific ambulatory care to victims of situations of sexist violence (women, children, adolescents, and people from their immediate surroundings directly affected by this violence). It also advises the professionals and the people around the victims.

This is almost a new ambulatory service of the city and municipal ownership was launched on January 2, 2014. It Is the result of the integration of the following services that worked until December 31, 2013: Women’s Service Team (EAD) and Children’s Service (SAN).

Integral attention is offered in order to be able to work on the recovery processes of the people and whether or not they need reception resources.

It is the gateway to public and private resources for emergency and long-stay care for women who experience situations of sexist violence and for their children.

Integrated by professionals of diverse training (social work, social education, psychology, law and labor insertion), this is a multidisciplinary service

b) Service: Unit for the attention and Social Work. Unidad de Atención a la Ciudadanía y Trabajo Social. 

Stakeholder: Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona. Spain. 

Date of presentation: 18th June, 2018. 

Time: 9.45 to 11:00am 

Definition: The Unit of Social Works of the Hospital is in charge of managing the circuit of gender violence in the Emergency Room for rehabilitation and burnt patients.

The main tasks related to this Unite are:

  • Creation of specific commission of health professionals.
  • Protocols and circuits of attention.
  • Protocols for violence risk detection.
  • Detect cases under gender violence.
  • Training to different professionals involve in the Circuit.



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