Kick-off Meeting in Caserta

The First Seminar of REVIVAL Project took place at the Omniarte Caserta Center on the 29th of January with all Partners and local Authorities (Comune di Caserta, Cooperativa Spazio Donna, D.i.Re Coordinamento Regionale).

The meeting was an opportunity to share the aims of the project and to start an effective coordination with the European partners and the realities of the territory on promotion actions to access to justice and support for victims of gender-based violence. The phenomenon of violence against women is a matter which remains dramatically central, despite the social changes, acquired rights and laws passed in recent decades. Even today there are many cases of new assaults on women as well as are the relapses. In recent years, data shows that one woman in three, aged between 15 and 74 years living in the 28 EU countries, has been exposed to physical and/or sexual violence from her male partner or ex-partner in their life; in particular, psychological violence as well as witnessing violence is even higher (FRA, 2014).

The Partners shared the good practices about protection path of women victims of violence with the Mayor of Caserta, Carlo Marino, and the representatives of the municipal administration. The Mayor has welcomed the European partners in one of the most important places of Caserta, Belvedere of San Leucio emphasizing the importance of cultural exchange also in favor of combating violence against women as a further element to strengthen a network of services and new synergies for victims of violence.

During the Kick-off Meeting there was an interesting discussion about the right procedures to be implemented and shared within the Pink First Aid, which can manage to lead the violence into court. This new model of intervention is based on the integration of the medical and the psychological reports. A new service is proposed, the Trust centre, a real space for orientation among all the services already present for women victims of violence. This service has been highly appreciated among the participants of the meeting as it provides the need of a positive perception together with an attitude of trust towards women, victims of violence. The results that await are numerous among practical and theoretical aspects:  the wish of new more opening of Pink first aid centres and implementing European recommendations at local level.


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